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Microchipping for Dogs

All you need to know about Microchipping for Dogs Detailed view on Microchipping for Dogs Almost everyone is familiar with those awful ‘my animal is missing’-posters you see every now and then in your neighbourhood. Because the sad truth is that animals really do run away! And often too; hundreds of pets go missing each year, leaving their owners heartbroken and miserable. And if the animal doesn’t have a microchip, it’s almost impossible to find these animals unless you’re counting on dumb luck. Because even though your pet might be unique to you; someone else might simply see another plain dog or cat and thus will not recognize the animal you are looking for. So in the end, these animals...

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One In Four Pets Will Be Lost Sometime During Their Lifetime

 Many of them are never recovered and their owners will be condemned to wonder for the rest of their lives what became of the pet that they loved so much. How can you assure that your cherished family member is reunited with you if it ever gets lost? The best solution is to make sure that it is wearing tags and is microchipped. id tags ID tags are widely available but they are of varying quality. The ones produced on the spot in vending machines are relatively inexpensive but the inscription tends to wear off quickly. A good ID tag should be of stainless steel or brass or a hard polymer plastic because they do not rust. The hole by...

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Summer

Summer is a great time to spend afternoons in the sun, at the beach, hiking, and participating in many other fun activities with your dog. However, with all the fun and enjoyment summer brings, it also comes with its own unique hazards that pet owners need to be aware of. Understanding these hazards and knowing how to prepare your dog for summer will make the time more enjoyable for you and your canine companion. The heat of the summer can be very harmful to your dog, but that isn't the only hazard. There are also a lot of pests that lie dormant in the winter but begin crawling around again once summer comes. Dogs need special care in the summer and it is...

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